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“ New” Ecosolution™, the first green airless dispensing system

Ecosolution™ is the first ecological airless dispensing system using AirFree® technology. Ecosolution™ combines all the advantages of airless - including protection of the formula - and ecology:           Its unique difference in performance takes care of the product while taking care of the planet.”  


  • It’s “unique difference in performance”
  • Airless pump bottle designed to preserves formula freshness
  • Airfree Patented technology delivers smooth performing action
  • Protective shield for fragile formula, allows “No oxidation”
  • Pump measures exact dosage every time with NO WASTE
  • Environmentally friendly throughout products entire life cycle

Our 2 NYF& L lightening & brightening lines differ in that the NY F& L Lightening Line uses an aggressive lightening agent designed for those consumers who have an urgent need to minimize stubborn discoloration and achieve an overall more even, radiant and healthy-looking complexion.

Its sister partner, NYF&L Brightening line is formulated with our NEW advanced proven Hydroquinone – Free ingredient called, Hexylresorcinol. This powerful anti-oxidant targets pathways in the skin, preventing dark spots, often triggered from pregnancy, medication, acne, scars and sun damage. It has been specifically combined in a unique complex to safely deliver maximum results, resulting in skin clarity, and uniformity. Hexylresorcinol also has anti-aging benefits that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as protect against pollutants and sun damage.

“Mitchell Group likes to think of the NYF&L Brands as our innovative collection that offers high performance, targeted treatments without the need for a prescription or a doctor’s appointment”.


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